The good love

The good love

You cannot fin the love of your life?
Your couple does not treat you well?
You have been stood up, and you did not see it come?
Discover another quality and deepness of feeling, giving and receiving.
The good love is the experience, that brings a sense, fulfilment and joy to our life. Experience the sensation in your heart that shall lead the rest of your steps, and forget about any other substitute.



Jorge arrived to my life in the middle of a mayor existential crisis, where I felt completely lost. After a few months, the most important issues were gone. It has been the most gratifying work of my life, a thousand times better than my 4 years at University and diploma. Thanks to the tenderness, understanding, honesty and various tools for personal growth that he has given me, I could see and recognize me, learn how to be kind and respectful with myself, and even love me.


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For 15 years I have combined my multilingual work in person in Madrid and in the Sierra Norte, with online work, with clients residing in countries such as Colombia, Washington, Mexico, Hawaii, Italy, Germany, United Kingdom, Barcelona, ​​Basque Country, etc. Nowadays, for health reasons, many of my close clients also prefer to have the remote service and that is fine too. Take what you need.

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