Learn how to let go, in order not to break down. Master your own energy to enhance when necessary. Make sure your that you carry out your task in a nice and sustainable way, in order not to fall apart due to overexertion, let alone wasting your time.
Another quality of life is possible.


Jesús Miñana

Executive director of Lucera and Adviser on Dextromédica

I participated as a pupil of Jorge’s during his sessions of Mindful Leadership in the program for Digital Innovation at IE Business School. He managed to unite a very different “tribe of directors” with an innovative method for personal growth. Jorge is really inspiring, capable of provoking emotions, movements, and reflections, with a very integrating approach, that brings together serenity and leadership tools. I consider Jorge to be a true master, an intelligent person, defying, doubtlessly spiritual, and noble hearted.


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For 15 years I have combined my multilingual work in person in Madrid and in the Sierra Norte, with online work, with clients residing in countries such as Colombia, Washington, Mexico, Hawaii, Italy, Germany, United Kingdom, Barcelona, ​​Basque Country, etc. Nowadays, for health reasons, many of my close clients also prefer to have the remote service and that is fine too. Take what you need.

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