Fed up with everything?

Fed up with everything?

Mindful Living: is a door to the most mundane and spiritual, that will help you ground yourself in the world and improve your relationship with the others, living with a sense of fulfilment and serenity.


Carmen G.

Marvelous workshop of Mindfulness in the countryside. The outstanding entourage of the Valle del Tietar, helps you center your senses, bur it is the very care and respect of Jorge, taking care for you, that makes you belong to a group that you have met only a few hours earlier. Thank you master for pushing me be a bit closer to the hear and now.


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For 15 years I have combined my multilingual work in person in Madrid and in the Sierra Norte, with online work, with clients residing in countries such as Colombia, Washington, Mexico, Hawaii, Italy, Germany, United Kingdom, Barcelona, ​​Basque Country, etc. Nowadays, for health reasons, many of my close clients also prefer to have the remote service and that is fine too. Take what you need.

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