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Las mil y una crisis

Las mil y una crisis are basically the stories of a thousand and one clients that I have accompanied in their crisis. As in the tales of Sherezade, I aspire to help you find peace in your nights of tribulation, and seize the great opportunities that lie beneath. I collect crises of all types, grouped into sections: emotional intelligence for life, crises by age, professional type, dealing with the fourth revolution, inside and outside the struggle of the sexes, and the existential message of the pandemic

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Ainhoa Arteta, soprano:
“Read Las mil y una crisis, a healing reality show that will teach you a lot, and then do whatever you want, like me.”

Ingenio, sexo y pasión

Ingenio, Sexo y Pasión offers you the formula to get 100% of the innovative potential and lead with awareness (mindful). Given that what differentiates us makes us profitable, we have added a chapter on gender and diversity, so that you can make it successfully profitable.

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Risto Mejide, TV presenter:
“This is a book that, even if you don’t read it, you are highly recommended by recommending it.”

The passion factor

This book provides an effective methodology and an essential tool so that entrepreneurs, managers and business leaders can nurture innovative behaviour in the workplace by effectively managing its three essential dimensions: people, the business organisation and motivation. It then goes on to show how the three factors, Insight (for understanding and appreciating new ideas), Sex (the differential factor between men and women when it comes to innovation) and Passion (the ambition and courage needed to create new strategies) all play a role on the path to innovation.

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Leopoldo Boado, Country Manager of Oracle in Spain:
“Great research work that highlights an effective methodology that drives the engine of innovation in individuals and companies, undoubtedly a must-read business management book.”


Ingenio y pasión

Ingenio y Pasión offers a simple but effective methodology with diagnostic tools and application guidelines so that those who need to invent and reinvent themselves find the final boost in their own driving force.

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Pilar Jericó, Be Up Director,
“It is a rigorous, very interesting and practical book. It brings a different and revolutionary approach to innovation. I have learned a lot by reading it. Congratulations to the authors for the great work ”.



Psycho-philosophical reflections in the wake of COVID. Solidarity work to support people in the management of the disease and everything that it brings with it.

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The world of tips is exciting and, more than ever, it needs great professionals capable of guiding its companies in an environment of continuous change where digital strategy is gaining strength. How to access? What requirements must the ideal candidate meet? And are they worth the risks? You will find the answers in Consejos.

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Mario Lara, ESADE Business & Law School Director:
“This book must be read because it provides a holistic vision of what the Corporate Governance of the Boards of Directors requires in companies in Spain.”

Tao Te Ching al alcance de todos


A different, accessible and rich version of the Tao Te Ching, commented on by teachers from various disciplines, from Zen to psychotherapy, the fruit of Alfonso Colodrón’s good knowledge and relationships. A pride to belong to the team.

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Guía para hombres en marcha


At the moment when machismo and feminism are put aside, groups of conscious men and women emerge with an interest in taking care of each other. This book collects the work and research of several decades on the new archetype of masculinity, and testimonies like mine, based on a work to be grateful for a lifetime.

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Píldoras para emprender


Pills to undertake collects more than 300 key tips from the experts of the Emprende program on TVE1 in different subjects (Communication, Economy, Management, Innovation, Social Networks, Coaching…). The book offers useful information and solutions in small practical pills, easy to apply and written in a friendly language, which help to complete the entire journey that an entrepreneur has to take to set up or transform his business from the beginning.

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Emprender en la era digital


In this book, recognized digital experts in different fields related to strategy, innovation and entrepreneurship contribute reflections, keys and tools necessary to carry out your business successfully and not falter along the way. My part revolves around the humanization of digital transformation. I hope you like it.

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