Crisis management

Between coaching & psycotherapy


Between coaching
and psycotherapy

Come in, make yourself at home.

Let’s solve your crisis

Come in, make yourself at home.

Let’s solve your crisis

About Jorge

Jorge Urrea has been working for twenty years on crisis management and self-knowledge, as a personal and business consultant, writer and speaker. His studies in Paris, London and Madrid,  of Economics, Diplomacy, Psychotherapy and Coaching, as well as eastern philosophies, provide a widened vision, full of knowledge of the world and spirituality at the same time.

As Leadership professor, his strong commitment with consciousness, compassion and mindfulness, has resulted in a pioneer methodology , awarded by IE Business School. Author of several bestsellers, amongst which: “Ingenio y pasión: Claves para la innovación y el liderazgo consciente”, known overseas as “The passion factor”. He is an international keynote speaker, and TVE collaborator, where he focuses on humanizing digital transformation. His purpose is to contribute to a better world, more aware, where to handle crises with serenity and seize the opportunities behind.


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I help you deal with your personal crises

I help you deal with your personal crises

Going through a crisis is normal, there is nothing to be alarmed, but you should not hold it forever, without a reaction.
Let’s talk calmly and take the most out of it.

Regain your will to work, and do it full of purpose, determination, and sense of flow. Do not copy, trailblaze your unique path. Learn emotional intelligence and positive leadership.

To know the others is wisdom, to know oneself is enlightenment”, “he who defeats somebody is strong, but whoever wins over himself is powerful”
Lao Tse.

I also help businesses and institutions

I also help businesses and institutions

Intervention in company climate and culture, facilitating a renewal of the environment, to resume synergies and a place where you want to be, belong and contribute …

The path from insight management to mindful leadership.

In my experience, people grow more by realizing things out of sheer experience, than learning theories from other people, which very often do not share…

Digital transformation has arrived like a tsunami, ending up with many a few of our good habits, but then, the pandemia has resulted in people behaving like robots in many cases, instead of using technology for improving our personal lives and relationships.




Las mil y una crisis are basically the stories of a thousand and one clients that I have accompanied in their crisis. As in the tales of Sherezade, I help you find peace in your nights of tribulation, and also seize the great opportunities that lie beneath.

Ingenio, Sexo y Pasión offers you the formula to get 100% of the innovative potential and lead with awareness (mindful). As given that what differentiates us makes us profitable, we have added a chapter on gender and diversity, so that you can make it successfully profitable.

This book provides an effective methodology and an essential tool so that entrepreneurs, managers and business leaders can nurture innovative behaviour in the workplace by effectively managing its three essential dimensions: people, the business organisation and motivation.

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Media: watch, read and listen

Media: watch, read and listen


“Read Las mil y una crisis, a healing reality show that will teach you a lot,
and then do what you want, like me ”.

Ainhoa Arteta, Soprano

“Jorge is the closest human I know to Master Yoda. His wisdom is necessary ”

Domingo Gaitero, Knowmad, Professor IE Business School.

20 years as an international trainer and speaker


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For the last 15 years I have worked both online and in presence, in Madrid and the Sierra Norte. My clients resided in countries such as Colombia, Washington, México, Hawaii, Italy, Germany, U.K, Barcelona, Bask Country, etc. Today, many clients nearby, also prefer to see me online, for sanitary reasons, which is also fine, Take what you need.

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